Falcon Aircraft

Zenair CH 601 HD TDO with FalconAircraft modification

In 2004 our company has build Zenair CH 601 Zodiac HD TDO, with FalconAircraft modifications nick name for our modifications is "CH 601 Deck Plane" consists of:

  • diagonal stringers on fuselage sides
  • tactical attach on the bottom of fuselage (for smoke grenade, light beam, speaker, etc...
  • new design of the composite tail spring.
  • attach for Matco Tundra Tires
  • dual recognition wing light
  • and couple of small changes and improvements in control, fuel and engine installation.

All this modification has been made with positive result. Thanks to grate designer Chris Heintz for Simple and Excelent airplane design! Up on this succes, we have been ask by privats subject to make three more airplanes with our modifications, so four of them is in action right now!